Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

I've never really understood the mindset of English speaking tourists coming to Buenos Aires who would bother with expats acting as tour guides since the level of English spoken by educated Argentines is extremely high and their knowledge of their own city is unrivalled.

Nonetheless, I caught a glimpse of the latest edition of Time Out Guide to BA brought out by our almost absurdly well travelled friends who have escaped from the still chilly Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in March to our sunnier climes. As with the second edition which I own, I am puzzled by the editor's choices at times. I am surprised that an excellent local tour company which specialises in walking tours with particular focus on history and architecture was completely overlooked in favour of lesser operators.

Eternautas Viajes Historicos boasts a Who's Who client list and their staff are mostly graduates and post graduates of history, architecture or anthropology. Various groups of friends with a wide range of interests, I have received at Chez Moi in the past two years, have nothing but the highest regard for the company's guides, their knowledge and enthusiasm.

I'm not interested in turning this blog into a tourist info blog but like all travellers, I would love to see travel guides lifting their game just a little bit more.

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