Tuesday, February 06, 2007

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Guillermo had been hogging the computer for weeks in preparation of his presentation to the Psychology Dept. of the University of Sydney. The presentation was yesterday and it was very well received; so finally I’ve regained some access to technology this morning.

Fellow Sydneysider Kathyrn at Lime & Lycopene tagged me for this meme some time ago. I thought long and hard to choose which 5 least mundane details about moi I could share in public…

And here we go:

1. Lesser known interest:
I love to Salsa! Dancing is a great way to relax; it is also one of the greatest forms of physical and coordination exercise - beats sweating it in a gym.

2. Lesser known vice:
I am a reformed clothes-horse, with a particular penchant for well made shoes. This very expensive habit (Manolo and Jimmy were my chief dealers) was only curbed after I met my husband who is more or less my height. On the positive side, my daughter, if I ever have one, would inherit a pretty amazing dress-up trunk, if I may say so myself.

3. Much earlier career aspiration:
I had wanted to be a dietician (a bit old fashion but it was the term used in my days!). My precise interest was the therapeutic value of food. I was probably 15 then, and it was an era when naturopathy was considered as "New Age". Later on, my UAI (stands for University Application Index, I think) and then fate guided (or misguided?) me down the path of investment banking instead.

4. Not so well guarded secret:
Regular reader of this blog might have observed that my inner geek is not so closeted anymore. I think my increasing seriousness about social and environmental issues has a lot to do with age (hopefully, it correlates with maturity) and the time we live in.

5. A well guarded secret:
For an advocate of a well-balanced diet, my great love for breakfast is not so much inspired by Rudyard Kipling but the mind numbing choices available if we broaden our interpretation of "breakfast" beyond cereal or egg and bacon with baked beans. Turkish and Indonesian breakfasts, just to name a couple, are interesting feasts of meat, fish, bread/rice/ noodles. My favourites include the Anglo-Indian Kedgeree (which is difficult to come by these days) and the Indonesian Nasi Goreng; however, the modern Australian offering of grilled Pide (Turkish bread) with tomato and avocado serves me just fine too.

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