Friday, January 05, 2007

A Quick Hola from Sydney

Guillermo and I have quickly settled into our daily routine of early breakfast followed by a brisk morning walk around the hilly terrain of our (my parents') genteel neighbourhood. Generally, the rest of the day is devoted to introducing him to the North Shore of Sydney, one suburb at a time. Since we are here until late February I'm sure we'll make it across the Bridge some time very soon. (At the moment he only knows the City, Bondi beach, and the great Sydney Fish Market)

While my husband is blown away by all those magnificent trees characteristic of the Upper North Shore where we are staying, I suspect his porteño spirit is yearning for a local cafe within a few minutes' walk from home where he could read his broadsheet with a good dose of caffeine. If he has already fallen in love with the Australian lifestyle on this shore, he is going to find his spiritual home across the Harbour.

While we are enjoying a tranquil summer across the ocean from Buenos Aires, I am pleasantly surprised by new visitors to this blog who have taken the time to share their own experience and unique view of the Argentine society.

I am most appreciative that these new comment leavers who have led undulated porteño existence (one is a porteña of Japanese descent) have bucked the trend which is being promoted by a handful of expat bloggers with rather un-Democrat and misguided sentiments that observations on the country, unless rose tinted, have no place.

Positivism is great but if left in the wrong hands, it is no more than yardage for Emperor's new clothes; and this particular Emperor already has an extensive wardrobe.

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