Monday, January 15, 2007

Our Computer is Dead but We're still Alive

Long time no blog; sorry folks! While I'd try not to blame other causes than my own laziness and preference to spend sunny mornings down at Balmoral beach, our computer has packed up leaving Guillermo and I to alternate between technological wilderness and banks of flatscreen monitors in the middle of a Westfield Shopping Centre such as right this moment.

Life is sweet and slow at the moment and Guillermo is trying very hard not to overeat as the portion size here has taken the lead from the U.S. and grown out of control. For someone who is brought up to finish everything on his plate, my husband struggled to finish a cafe breakfast of raisin toasts; 2 thick slices of raisin toasts (the same quantity as 4 generous slices of bread) with a large mug of caffe latte which is a lot of leche...and that was only breakfast! (Incidentally, my mother who ordered banana bread at the same cafe was served 2 thick and large slabs which would be almost a full loaf of budin (pound cake). She barely finished 1 icing sugar drenched slice, let alone 2.)

With fresh juice bars and food outlets selling more than just food but the idea of a fresh & light lifestyle, one wonders why Australia is fasting becoming a land of the obese - the key is in the portion. While we mind what we eat and we are what we eat, a lot of people seem to have lost sight on We Are How Much We Eat.

The blooming economy may be flushing people's bank accounts but it may also be choking their arteries; such are the contradictions of a good life.

p.s. I've not been able to respond to comment leavers with our ailing computer but I do read and appreciate your comments. Thank you very much.

To Eliza of Food Diary, I obtained the photo from my online chocolate seller, I'll alert them of your concern.

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