Sunday, December 31, 2006

Big Smoke

Happy 2007!

With all the feasting and fresh air of the past week, I may have overdone the rest and relaxation which has in turn induced a much feared writer's block.

What marks the arrival of a New Year in Sydney, every year, is a spectacular fireworks display at the beautiful harbour on New Year's Eve. Almost a million people went out to the waterfront along the coastline last night to catch a closer glimpse of those iridescent sparkles.

Guillermo had barely recovered from the competitive yet somewhat wonton consumerism at the Christmas sale and was then shocked by how much the city was blowing up in one Big Smoke - A$4 million (about US$3 million) in less than an hour. It is interesting to see how my Argentine husband reacts to a lifestyle which Sydneysiders take for granted.

I must confess that before my experience in Argentina I also took my comfortable lifestyle for granted; never had I stopped to think that we actually lived in a rich country. Our idea of "wealth" has been so elevated that we know not to appreciate our own riches.

The past 18 months I spent living in Buenos Aires has helped me to appreciate the opportunities and choices available to Guillermo and I. We hope we would be able make available the same, if not more, wonderful opportunites and choices to our children one day.

To us, the picture of our future and the choices we have to make are becoming increasing clear

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