Friday, November 17, 2006

An Urban Safari

Finally the results of my photo shoot and interview with Club del Vino* has appeared in the November issue of their club magazine. I have received five copies of this "South African" issue which I've endearingly dubbed the Jungle Book for all that leopard prints and blonde mane on the cover.

After reading the article on my venture, La Otra Dimensión, I must confess a tinge of ambivalence. I recall when I was still an impressionable fresher in the finance industry I was surprised that a friend who was a prominent figure in his particular field turned down an interview opportunity with CNBC. He told me he did not grant interviews, as a rule. Many years and a few of mishaps of my own later, I now understand his reasons.

I am a foodie and that was the only reason I agreed to be interviewed – to talk about my favourite subject. The photographer spent hours taking photos of the food I cooked but only one shot of the appetiser has been included in the final cut; the rest are close up shots of moi! I'm so sorry to disappoint all you fellow foodies out there.

The writing itself is interesting, mostly about how the legacy of migrants from different cultures are working into the local cuisine of Sydney, Melbourne and London. A lot of the facts have been mixed up, some even invented. For instance, my dear friend Claudia in Molazzana has acquired a not quite French sounding name Caterine and another old friend Umberto Bombana would be shocked to hear that he was born in Hong Kong.

On the other hand, I am grateful for the coverage. The phone has been ringing for my muy exclusivo classes (the reporter's words not mine). Senior members of La Familia would be charmed and impressed; the abuelas would have something to show off in front of their girlfriends. All ends well in the end.

*Club del Vino magazine can be purchased at their office at Cerrito 1130 7A (y Santa Fe)

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