Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Slap down, Slip up

When Dubya was still serving his first term as President of the Land of the, er, Free & Fair(?), my American friends were already saying if he was the CEO of any company, he'd had been fired by the board a long time ago.

While we should let time and history be the judge if his is indeed the most shameful U.S. presidency of all times, it seems incompetence of his government is not limited to the top level...
One of US President George W Bush's twin daughters has had her purse and mobile phone stolen in a restaurant in San Telmo, right under the noses of Secret Service agents guarding the 24-year-olds on her first night in Buenos Aires...(read more)

Going to any public place in any country, especially as a visitor, one would think some caution would be appropriate. I was the only person guarding my own purse in many cities more dangerous than Buenos Aires and I'm proud to report a stellar record of still holding onto my belongings after all those fun nights out.
On the other hand, The First Daughter is no ordinary person; she had extra bodies and minds to guard her personal belongings with her and most unfortunately it seems only the ones doing her donkey work are copping the blame now. That job must suck big time!

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