Saturday, November 04, 2006

One Fine Meal

I am becoming very confused; our mighty masseuse Diana treated us and her other clients, two couples, to a scrumptious Chinese meal which cost her absolutely way too much. At the end of an almost endless procession of great food and flowing good wine, she refused to let us contribute to the bill.

We met up with the others at a restaurant in Barrio Chino which none of us had been to before. Zoe and Mr.T, one of the other two couples, know more than a few good restaurants in town yet this one was also new to them. As far as Chinese restaurants go, Guillermo and I had shared meals with them at The Garden on Riobamba (between Santa Fe and Arenales) and Cinco Cordero on Las Heras; up until last night, we all thought the gong for best Chinese belonged to The Garden. However, what a difference an evening makes!

Diana suggested this place because they are known for their roast duck and char siu (roast pork) - Hong Kong style. Zoe, Mr. T, Guillermo and I all agreed that the duck was actually very impressive. In addition to various appetisers and the big bird, our more than generous hostess ordered prawns and scallops with cashews, pork short ribs, beef, spicy tofu, and the pièce de resistence was pescado entero con salsa dulce (originally a Northern Chinese dish called 松鼠魚). A sizeable fresh mero (Argentine seabass/ Grouper fish) with meaty white flesh was lightly fried and served whole on a platter. The fish was very fresh and the chunks of flesh were juicy, simple yet impressive.
Unlike the other Chinese restaurants where Zoe had to ring a day ahead to order the more elaborate or authentic off menu dishes, all of the dishes last night were actually listed on the menu. Mr.T was particularly impressed and declared this the new best Chinese in town.

The restaurant is conveniently located close to the railway, on Juramento 1656 (y Arribeños). The name is Nueva ChinaTown. The owner told us they are moving to new premises around the corner early 2007; the address will then be Montañeses 2149.

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