Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sunrise Surprise

I'm exhausted! Tired to the point that we couldn't attend our friends' housewarming party last night and I have also declined a birthday party invitation for tonight which I had rsvp earlier. At this rate, Guillermo and I would soon be in the depth of social Siberia.

I've not been able to sleep all week; then just when extreme fatigue took over on Friday 13th sending me to slumber, the honking and screaming of los muchachos (the young people) in fast cars speeding along Callao killed all chances of a good snooze for me. God, I sound like an old grandma!

However, any sleep deprived crankiness has been cured by the birthday surprise Guillermo prepared for me. He enlisted the help of his enthusiastic Mandarin teacher; practised all week, with Real Player, a romantic Mandarin pop song which he serenaded me first thing this morning. I never knew my often serious looking husband could be so imaginative. In case you are wondering, I know very well I'm one lucky woman ;-)

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