Friday, October 27, 2006

Pumpkin Brain

I have been engrossed in following the absolute best Argentine blog while looking out for a pumpkin recipe as I'm toying with the idea of Halloween despite it really not being my party - we just love pumpkin, that's all.

Little did I know my two seemingly unrelated activities shall coincide and yield something quite amusing – at least to my twisted sense of humour...

You know I've been harping on the adage "You Are What You Eat"; it had never been truer until I discovered today, thanks to Accidental Hedonist, that our Selfless Protector of the World with God on His Side or as PDF has eloquently named him the Dangerously Dumb Lord of the Benevolent Empire fuels his body and soul with imitation cheese otherwise known as Kraft Singles and fiberless white bread. Now, that has explained a lot and cleared my previous puzzlements about the man and his logic.
I shall post the results of my fruitful search in having my ways with a pumpkin from tomorrow to 31st October.

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