Thursday, September 07, 2006

Top Serve

Since we decided to have our apartment valuated, we had met with one agent whom we thought underwhelming despite her agency's smart corporate image and reputation. We then turned to another agency which is well known among expats and investors overseas.

Their staff turned up yesterday for the valuation visit. She was as well presented as the lady from the previous agency. In fact, they looked very similar in style. However, the same "golden wheat" blonde from a bottle and deep tan were as far as the similarities went.

This agent was much more like agents one would encounter "back home"; she was alert, assertive without being aggressive. She explained her agency's strengths and marketing strategies. There was a dialogue, at all times, between us to help her understand the product; namely, our apartment. She asked lots of questions concerning not only features of the apartment but more technical issues on the title deed and tax. We were impressed by her professionalism.

She also tried to take photos of the apartment right away; she was probably trained by her firm to do so. While we prefer eagerness to the more commonplace laid back "mañana" attitude, we stopped her for two reasons: firstly, we still have not decided whether we are going to put our apartment on the market; but more importantly, we would like to "prep" our apartment for the photos.

When we were searching on the internet to find a home, I was often amused and sometimes shocked by the photos. Many of those photos showed untidy kitchens with pots and pans obscuring the stove top or workbench, sometimes even what the owners were having for dinner; others were showing toothpaste and toothbrushes scattered all over the vanity unit in the bathroom. A general lack of understanding in optimal presentation by both the seller and the agent was obvious.

All in all we are very happy with this agent and her agency; the level of professionalism is on par with what we have grown accustomed to in other countries. As more investors are looking to buy in Buenos Aires, I sincerely hope that others, in this loosely regulated industry, would soon lift their game to match.

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